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Tips on Buying the Best Penis Extender

Most people know deep down that many women will prefer a man with a large penis. Unfortunately, people do not have a choice on the size of their penis. It can be rather frustrating when a man is insecure about his penis size. It can lead to low self-esteem, which undermines mental health.

The good news is that you can still enjoy sex with your partner despite your penis size. Each person desires to have a healthy sex life, and a penis extender will help you achieve that. The article will be crucial in helping you buy an ideal penis extender. Below are some factors you should consider when looking for a penis extender to buy.


using laptopThere is currently a lot of demand for penis extenders, which has made many manufacturers make such devices. Since the market is filled with penis extenders and other adult toys, it is understandable if you find it overwhelming to select one penis extender to purchase. One of the important factors that will help you make the right choice is reviews.

It is essential to consider reading penis extender reviews from other online users and also adult websites. You should ensure that you consider penis extenders that have positive reviews from those who have used them before. It is essential to note that it is common for a product to have some bad reviews even if it is reliable. Avoid products that only have negative reviews.


jeansApart from the reviews from other online users, you should make a point of considering the quality of a penis extender before you make a purchase. If you would like to have a good experience, you must find a high-quality product. There are several ways you can find out the quality of a penis extender before buying it.

You should consider the material used in making a penis extender. It is also vital that you research the type of mechanism a penis extender uses. Quality penis extenders are more expensive compared to others.


man on bedThe last factor you should consider before buying a penis extender is the brand. As mentioned earlier, many manufactures are making these types of extenders. As there are many brands selling penis extenders, you should consider a brand’s reputation before making a purchase. Only buy from a brand that is known for making penis extenders that guarantee significant results.

When looking for a penis extender, you should consider the factors mentioned in the article.…

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Finding the Best Sex Positions for Mind-blowing Sex

Sex positions play an important role when it comes to giving your partner mind-blowing sex. Sometimes, you do not settle for a sex position because you had your friend praise it. You need to talk to your partner and make sure that each of you is comfortable with the sex position you will adopt. For instance, you may have a personal preference on the Eiffel tower sex position, but on the other hand, your partner is not comfortable with it. The following tips may help you find the best sex position for both of you.

Research Together

internet search

The internet can quickly provide you with all the information you may need to make the right choices. So if you are new to sex matters, then it will be necessary to talk to your partner to do some research together. For instance, leveraging different sex positions, you will see on the internet will make it possible for you to agree on a perfect sex position. You also need to understand that when the two of you agree on a specific sex position, there are high chances that the position will work wonders.

Be Creative

sex position

Although there are sex positions that have already been tested and worked, that does not mean that you should not make any adjustment. Creativity plays an essential role in enhancing the quality of sex between two people. One essential thing to remember is that people are different. This means that if you see someone do acrobatics while having sex does not mean that you also have to do the same. A slight adjustment can help make the whole experience even better. For instance, trying to move one leg while keeping the other still can make a great experience.

Effective Communication

Sometimes, you may choose a perfect sex position, but if there is no communication during the lovemaking, you are most likely not going to enjoy the experience. You might have watched in TV shows or even in porn sites people rolling in a complex position without saying a word. Trying to imitate such people may not work because some of the people who engage in such shows are actors.a couple

The best way to go is choosing to talk to your partner. Tell him/her what you think about the styles that the two of you have agreed upon and the adjustments that you need to make to improve your sexual experience. Additionally, you need to understand that people are different. Therefore, never force your partner to be like someone that you saw in a particular TV show.…

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Discover the New Twerking Trend

There is the newest trend of twerking that you should learn about. It’s about showing off that you are confident in your skin and body that you can do anything you want to get that steam off. It’s about a little relaxation and taking your clothes off for a great show. Now, you may be asking, how does nude twerk works? Well, it just works like other styles of twerking, except you don’t need to wear anything to perform. You can’t see anything through your clothes because the performers are wearing nothing else but what they feel is necessary to give off the proper twerking effects.

naked portrait sexual

Dancing Style

This type of twerking is more of a performance than a style of dancing. The audience can see what’s happening when you’re doing it. You can use your hands and feet or both and let the music take control and do all the work. You can use props to enhance the whole show by using your fingers, mouth, or even your hands and feet. That’s the beauty of the music, and it does all the work, so why do it with clothes anyway.


It’s an exciting new twist on the art of twerking, and it’s something that everyone should try out. You don’t have to worry about anything; the crowd will enjoy watching you do it. It’s sexy and sensuous, and it’s very easy to get into the mood. You can even get in the mood for it right before you get out of bed in the morning if you’re that kind of person.

Learn and Practice

If you want to learn about naked twerking, you can start by joining a site where you can find some of the best twerking gigs on the Internet today. This sensuous dance style, as more people are becoming curious about how this new style of twerking works. If you look around online, you’ll be amazed at all the options available to you, and many of them are free to sign up for.


You can get some great information on this subject, and many forums specialize in it, so make sure to check out some of them. If you know what you’re looking for, there are even message boards that discuss naked twerking topics and swap links to other sites. There are even websites devoted to this trend of twerking, so you can see what other people have to say about individual performers.

Final Thoughts

This kind of twerking is a great way to get into a good mood and have some fun without getting dressed up and feeling yourself. If you’re shy, you can get in front of the mirror and twerk the night away. It’s a lot better than going out and feeling achy and tired.…

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How to Get Laid on the First Date

Let’s get real. Even though dating is supposed to be romantic, sex plays a major role in it. In fact, apps like Tinder, Match, OkCupid, etc., embrace the culture of fast dating. You can get down to business right away, or you want to get to know each other first, those apps make all preferences possible in the quickest way. 

Here, we’ll discuss how you can be a straight-to-the-point person on the first date without necessarily being a stud or slut. 

State Your Sexual Intention as Earliest as Possible

a sexy ladySome people will feel uneasy about this, and you may end up getting blocked by several of your date candidates, but this option is much much better and safer than making them disappointed later. Sexual compatibility is a vital topic to discuss between lovers. And if you think you can change your date’s mind later after both of you know each other, the whole date is at risk of being abusive and toxic. You can’t change a person. Even if you can, the path to get there is not worth the effort. 

Maintain the Decency

illustrated consentNow that you and your date know you guys are in it for the sex, it does not mean that the intercourse should be void of intimacy. In fact, it must be quite the opposite. He/she agrees to spend nights with you only for sex, surely because they are sexually attracted to you. And you should amplify that trait by doing things that appear to be sexy to them, indeed. But it does not mean that you can omit foreplay kisses and cuddles. If you don’t know how to treat your partner as a lover because you think there is no love involved, at least treat them as a human, unless, of course, you guys sign up for the relationship for a humiliation or BDSM kinks. 

Show Them That It Is Safe to Be Around You

The concept of consent is supposed to be your guiding beacon if you’re going to have sex on the first date. Realistically speaking, you guys have not known each other enough, and there will be different preferences of sex. In that case, you have to talk it out. For example, if you’re into anal sex, and he/she is not, you have to discuss it with them first. Never ever jam your cock into your partner without their consent. Remember that a one-night-stand can turn into a lawsuit these days. 

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An Adult Guide to Erotic Tourism in Amsterdam

If you’re adventurous about sex, then paying for it can be the noblest thing you can do for the people in the sex industry. And if you are open to that idea, you have to know the most popular red districts among men who share the same thought as you (also called hobbyists). Patpong in Bangkok, Antwerp in Belgium, Pigalle in France, and Kabukicho in Japan are some places that are on the top list. No single hobbyist ever dares to skip visiting Amsterdam in their life, and neither should you!

1. Try the Escort Services

a nude woman wearing glassesThe state perfectly protects prostitution in Amsterdam, which means that you will be less likely to be a victim of a fraud or any other related crimes. And in such a supportive environment, why don’t you try to hire an escort service Amsterdam? This profession is undoubtedly easy to find in some regions in the US, but don’t you know that this practice is only legal in Nevada?

Besides, escorts can give you a much more intimate experience than those pros in the red light district. Most of them will cost you anywhere from €20 for short time service, while an escort service is priced €1000 per 7 hours. Not only will an escort save you some money, but with that rate, you can also get a sexual service from a model-like figure.

2. Red or Blue Lights?

a female figureIf the idea of visiting brothels in De Wallen, Amsterdam Center, still attracts you, then you will definitely need this suggestion. You’ll find most girls have red lights, but some others are blue. And those colors are there not without reasons because they are used to identify the pros’ true sexual identity.

Red lights mean regular women. They were born women, and they still are. However, the blue ones are trans people. They may or may not have undergone sex change surgeries, and thus, you have to remember this fact in advance so that you won’t be surprised once you hire one of them.

3. Sex Shows

Although an escort can give you private and intimate companionship, Amsterdam’s red light district can offer you much more creative adult entertainment. For example, Casa Rosso and Bananenbar are two famous tourist destinations in the area. Casa Rosso offers you live sex performed on stage, while Bananenbar is like Hooters with much more extreme and explicit sexual performance.

4. The Dos and Don’ts

First thing first, never let your urge to capture your erotic moments overtakes you. Taking photos is forbidden in the red light district. If you don’t comply, be ready to deal with the local security officers. You can get fined!

Second, all sexual conducts in the red light district require you to use a condom. Anal sex, oral sex, or even regular intercourse are all performed with you wearing that safety cap. Don’t bother to request the otherwise because that’s the rule there!…

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Benefits of Sexual Intercourse

Sexual intercourse is a critical aspect of human health. The benefits of this activity are directly related to those of the normal exercises in the body and they are linked to a boosted heart and immunity.

Regular and good sex should not be underrated in bolstering one’s self-esteem and partner bonding. The following are the major benefits linked to a healthy sex life.

Relieves Stress

Good sex is connected to relaxation. This action triggers the body to discharge its natural chemicals that aids in boosting one’s blood pressure and reducing stress. For instance, research depicts that people who are frequently involved in good sex are related good response to stressful situations like public speaking.

It is also associated with good sleep which is an aspect relative to stress-free. Immediately after sexual intercourse, prolactin; a hormone known for inducing relaxation is produced thus facilitating fast, good, and long sleep.

Boosts Intimacy Partners

lady with sexy lipsSex is very important in strengthening a couple’s relationship. It tends to unite them and thus increasing the feelings for one another. A couple that observes the importance of sex will always grow in love.

Orgasms and sexual intercourse culminates to oxytocin hormone’s production; a known hormone associated with love that contributes to feelings and bonding to one another. The hormone also facilitates empathic connections between partners. You find us here for more ways of boosting intimacy through sex.

Cardiovascular Health

Studies show that man who frequently exercises sexual intercourse have a lower probability (less than 45%) of developing heart diseases than the contrary. For instance, it balances the testosterone and estrogen levels in the blood thus contributing to a healthy heart development.

A couple observing good sex standards have a low systolic pressure of blood which is associated with normal human health. Lower blood pressure as required is relative to good stress response.

Healthy Immune System

People who have good sex intercourse are entitled to less sick days. They tend to live a healthy life since sex is a crucial aspect of living a healthy life. These people have higher levels of white blood cells known to fight against germs like bacteria, viruses, among other intruders, thus, defending the body from simultaneous sickness.

For instance, research by students from Wilkes University portrayed that people having sex more than once per week had higher antibody levels for defending the body from harmful pathogens as compared to those with less sexual intercourse.

Great Pain Reliever

lady in a swimming costumeSex makes one be relaxed. A relaxed mind is a mind full of distress. After sex, one tends to be free from stress and the general body pain. Love-making leads to surging in the oxytocin hormone; a love hormone that makes one feel pain-free.

Sex helps in relieving headaches and general body tiredness and weakness. Sex is a form of normal body exercise. The more you have sex, the more you burn the body’s calories thus strengthening the body’s muscles. This is a good factor in maintaining the body’s balance and flexibility.…

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Outstanding Ways to Have the Nicest Sex Ever

Sex is something perceived to be sacred and very private, and because of this, people never feel comfortable discussing it. This conservativeness hinders most people the knowledge of making this activity more satisfying, captivating, and on top of all, rejuvenating. Sex is a huge catalyst for the bond that exists between partners and can easily make or break the bond depending on how it is handled.

Watching porn, however much people like to discourage this, plays a huge role in improving the sex between you and your partner. Yes, porn shouldn’t be allowed for children to watch, but to you as a married couple, a matured person, or an individual of required age and with a partner,laughing couple then you really should integrate it as your bedtime catalyst, and even familiarize it to your partner. There are a lot of categories in most porn suites for clients to easily locate their most preferred ones. Some of the common ones are for amateurs, the experienced, rough sex, among others that you can choose and get to have a look which one best work for you and fully suits your interests. Sex being something mutual, there are some outstanding ways that need to be followed to prompt the sweetest sex ever.

Slow Sexual and Appreciative Talk

Sex is usually quite fun when talking, especially the woman. You need to speak sexually before sex to prompt the feeling for both of you, and also during sex to keep the morale. A man is always captivated and fully psyched up when the woman is talking sexually and appreciating the sex. Just like women, men like compliments to increase effort in what they are doing. So this goes for both ways, you both should complement each other and talk sexually to increase the morale.

Watching Porn Together

sexual activityJust as I mentioned earlier, porn is an excellent catalyst for awesome sex. The sexual morale between you as partners deteriorates with time because of the familiarity and so requires some boosters to make it captivating again. You can make collections of some of the exciting videos in advance before engaging in sex. It also can be a good source of reviving sexual interest to get you and your partner in the feel-good moment.

Sex in the Shower

This is also another awesome way to make sex feel better. The shower water is like trickles both of you making the feeling retain longer and increased compared to other places sex can be carried. If your bathroom is big enough, it can then prompt you to engage in different captivating sexual styles that will satisfy both of you.…

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